Pictures for Istanbul Day 8

I wasn’t able to put all the pictures up for Day 8 at once, so here are the rest of them below.  Enjoy!

I had to take a picture of this, at the Spice Bazaar:




More food at the spice bazaar


Outside of Haci Bekir’s – confectioner

P1010361 P1010365



Restaurant where we ended our long day

Here are the pictures of the beautiful mosque with the best preserved tile, Rustem Pasha Mosque.  They aren’t so great because I took them with my iphone.  I wish you could see them in real life, it was pure art.  I can’t figure out how to get my sideways iphone video to post on here, so I’m just posting pictures for now.  Hopefully, soon I’ll be able to get the video up.

Istanbul day 1.15

This is the ceiling in one of the side nooks.

Istanbul day 1.13 Istanbul day 1.12 Istanbul day 1.7 Istanbul day 1.9 Istanbul day 1.10 Istanbul day 1.11 Istanbul day 1.14 Istanbul day 1.16 Istanbul day 1.17

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