I’m Back!

Well, what a crazy, amazing, fantastic, stupendous, insert all great adjective here, trip I just took!  Truly, the trip of a lifetime, but I hope to have many more.  Chris and I had just the best time over the past two weeks running all over Rome, Athens, and, finally, Istanbul.  I say finally in more than one way there because we have been trying to get to Istanbul for 5 years now.  My book is based in Istanbul and the cities surrounding that area, so it was inspiring to get to finally see meet these cities in person.  

Inspiring and exhausting.  This was not really a vacation, this was a research trip.  We never wasted a minute of time, we walked hours and hours every day, making the most of our time in each city.  

We met some amazing people on our trip and had some great times.  We landed last Friday evening after traveling on a few planes for over 24 hours and promptly fell unconscious.  Sunday night I flew to Vegas for work and had a conference for the past three days.  So, I am finally grabbing a minute to post on here about our extraordinary trip.  

I made notes every day I was on travel and took tons of pictures.  I thought it would be fun if I posted my travel thoughts in order on blog posts, one for each day, over the next few weeks with the best pictures from the day.  As soon as I get home this weekend I will start getting it together and posting stories from every day of travel so you can follow along as if you were there for every lovely, tiring, Chris-why-didn’t-you-let-us-just-get-a-cab minute of the experience!  Stay tuned 🙂

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