Love Machine

I have posted my short story, Love Machine!  I’m very excited to finally have it up on my website and out in the world to share.  I hope that anyone who happens upon my site will read it and enjoy. 

I wrote this story back in college when I was in the creative writing program at UNR.  I was about a year or so into the program and still feeling very insecure about my place in it.  This was my first fully formed idea turned into a real story, and I love it to this day. Love Machine marks the time in my life when my writing became real for me, more real than it had ever been before.  This story marks the time in my life when I finally started to believe in myself and my work. 

Love Machine is heavily influenced by Ray Bradbury and short stories like his.  I had the idea mostly formed in my head about a world where dating had become obsolete for years before writing this story for my creative writing workshop.  I wanted to play with the idea that soul mates might not be real, that people could grow on each other with time, and that things like destiny and love could be fabricated.  Of course, I had no idea that years later people would be using internet dating sites to meet and fall in love.  What a crazy, beautiful world.    

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